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Herbal Syrup

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  1. Asthma Care Syrup

    Asthma Medications. Anti-inflammatory drugs, particularly inhaled steroids, are the most important treatment for most people with asthma.
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  2. Liver Care Syrup

    Herbal Liver Care Syrup namely Livzyme Syrup is widely used for restoring the functionality of the liver by protecting the hepatocellular regeneration. Prepared using herbal ingredients
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  3. Stone Care Syrup

    Stonecare Syrup. Calculus - also know as Urinary or Kidney stones, affect around 10% of the population of the world and most common in men between .
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  4. Giloy Syrup

    Giloy is a herb that is important in Ayurveda and is considered the queen of herbs. It has been used in Ayurveda since centuries to treat various diseases.
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  5. Shallakhi syrup

    Shallakhi syrup pkg size = 200ml
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  6. Musli Syurp

    Musli Syrup pkg size = 200ml
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  7. Apple Cider Vinegar

    Apple Cider Vinegar Packing size - 200/300/400 ML
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  8. Shallaki Syrup

    Shallaki, is a tropical plant belonging to the genus Burseraceae. They are moderate sized flowering plants, both trees and shrubs.
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  9. Shankhpushpi Syrup

    Shankhpushpi Syrup is an ayurvedic remedy for memory and brainpower. It is beneficial in mental weakness, forgetfulness, memory loss, low retention power etc.
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  10. Jamun Vinegar

    Ayurvedic Properties According to Ayurveda, Jamun vinegar acts on "Kapha Dosha" and reduces it. It can increase "Pitta Dosha" so it the dosage should be administered and not consumed in excess quantities.
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  11. Sankhpushpi syrup

    Sankhpushpi syrup pkg size =200ml
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